Monday, November 23, 2009

Funemployment Radio Episode 13

Happy....Monday? Yes, it's Monday! Geez, days get confusing.

Anyway, hope you all had fantastical weekends (we did, but then again having no job makes everyday feel like Saturday!), and we've got a brand new podcast up for your enjoyment today! Today's podcast features stories of our weekend adventures, which include deflated tires, drunken old racist men, and the many movies and TV shows we watched. We also play a seriously disturbing commercial, as well as have a brand new Ball Talk and a ton of Entertainment News, including news of a HUGE movie star living in fear that he's going to get HIV. For really reals. Also, we have hands-down the WORST karaoke song that we've ever done (which was a listener suggestion) and it is just terrible. Not ha-ha terrible, I mean balls-out awful. But, if you'd like to hear our humiliation, tune into today's podcast!

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As always, thanks for listening!



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  1. The "unemployment" debit card is essentially a giant pay-off to the credit card companies who get paid (directly and through various usage fees) by moving all government benefits to a "debit card" method instead of directly depositing it into your bank account or sending a check. This was a huge deal about a year ago when it was proposed and then pushed through.