Monday, February 15, 2010

Funemployment Radio™ Episode 66

Good Monday, folks!
Wow, it was quite the weekend for the Nibman and Sarah! It was Valentine’s Day weekend, and Nibs and Katie celebrated by heading out of town, and Sarah celebrated by hanging out with friends and eating heart-shaped pizzas and drinking jagerbombs. Really. Aaron Duran then came on the show, completely derailing any semblance we had of structure, clutching two giant cans of Four Loko ☺

We discussed Ball Talk, where Nibs regaled us with stories about the Olympics and snowboarding and is so excited for March Madness – we’re going to start a pool so be checking back for updates when we get our chart set up!
We then discussed Sarah’s ghostly encounter last weekend and Aaron weighed in with his educated (and creepy) opinions on what happened. Then the Four Loko kicked in, and Aaron drunkenly harassed Sarah and made lewd comments – it was glorious.

We ended the show with some karaoke that is pretty amazing, and picked the specific song because we had a story about people in the Philippines who are killing people who sing it. Oh, we are dangerous folks, we are.

Thanks for listening, we’ll talk to you all tomorrow!

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Dude gets rejected at Hockey game. Awkward... and kind of hilarious

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