Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Funemployment Radio™ Episode 67

It’s fat Tuesday! So we had pizza for lunch.

Today was a glorious day, the sun is shining, the air is crisp, and Sarah spent the morning waiting in line for food stamps. Oh, the glamour of being poor and unemployed – oh, wait… funemployed! And fun we did have. We chatted about True Blood, the Olympics (yay for curling!), cleaning, burping, our big guest for Friday (so excited), and then went into Ball Talk where Nibs regaled us with tales of peeing golfers, Blazer trade, and a pregnant Olympian. Really.

Sarah had Entertainment News featuring our favorite shitshow Tila Tequila, a Jersey shore racist, a special anniversary, and a pretty damn offensive clip from Family Guy that has Sarah Palin’s knickers in a twist (p.s. Seth McFarlane is going to hell. Wow.)

We finished the show with another installment of “Ronnie and Sammi Sweetheart read movie scripts”, and we both firmly believe it’s the best one to date. We had many, MANY requests for this one, so hope you like it!

Thanks for listening, we’ll talk at ya tomorrow!

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John Daly, um, relieves himself in the middle of a game of golf:

Family Guy clip:

1 comment:

  1. first of all, what is wrong with taking a piss on the course? he was being discrete.

    on a separate note, we have a summer drink called "The John Daly"...yummy

    last, sarah palin needs to get a sense of humor...the family guy episode was effing hilarious.